Race Reviews – 2012

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Overcast – Rain Showers


Muddy and Slippery 

  • Jack Walton draws first blood – only 2 points dropped sees him take his first win in 2012.
  • Current champ Tom Davis is left cursing following a fourth race fall. But still manages second.
  • Flying Ryan Ashcroft following in Phil’s tyre tracks. A superb first meeting, third place on his debut.
  • Sharing the spoils in 4th Lee Griffiths from South Wales and FGA returnee Rocco Casale from Buckinghamshire.
  • Rookie Connor Fletcher OK after a heavy fall scores his first points in Formula Grasstrack
  • Chris Moseley he’s the man, sneaking the win from the paddock, taking max league points…….. is it his year?
  • Richie Guest on for the max, in front last race then dumps it with a lap to go….Gutted!
  • Lee Bird was singing in the rain, he does the business on a 19″ wheel, flying all day!
  • Mick Jones / Gareth Tregilgas cannot be split joint 4th. Stop press No 63 is now a member of the tractor appreciation society!
  • Sam the man was on the gas, on the money to finish in the top 6.

Rider of the day                      Jack Walton


Crash of the day                     Graham Gordon


Race of the day                      Tom Crewe

                                                Sam Flowers

                                                John Jones

                                                John Potton


Hard luck story of the day     Ade Guest

The WMCC would like to thank all that contributed to the entertainment in the Wacky races trying to get of the field at the end of the meeting.

First prize went to Gareth Tregilgas who is now a fully paid up member of the Massey Ferguson fan club.

And finally….. Taxi for Nr 85- bet that was a long drive home


Saturday – Rain Showers

Sunday   – Dry and Sunny Spells


Saturday – Damp and Slippery

Sunday   – Drying and Grippy

With heavy overnight rain and a torrential downpour during technical inspection, the FGA’s 2nd meeting of the year looked set to become another victim of one of the wettest summers on record. However, the sun came out to allow racing to start with only an hour’s delay at this 2-day event run by Whitchurch MCC.

Richard Guest was the undoubted …star of the show at Malpas, Cheshire, with the format for the weekend being: Saturday – Round 2 of the 2012 Championship then an evening of good food, good company and a fiercely competitive 10-pin bowling competition followed by Sunday’s 5-team tournament.


Guest was the only rider to remain unbeaten over the weekend, 12 starts and 12 wins…a totally dominant performance often coming from behind in many of his races. First meeting winner, Chris Moseley took the runner up spot on the Saturday only beaten by Guest all day. This leaves them level in the overall Championship standings after 2 rounds. Equally hard fought was the battle for 3rd place which finished on an overall tie between 2011 Champion Elvis Jones making his first appearance of the year and FGA returnee Tommy Crewe. Making up the top 6 were Shrewsbury’s Ross Wharton and Birmingham’s Adrian Guest, both gave good accounts of themselves in the grippy conditions.

Jack Walton continued with his relentless charge on the Championship with another maximum, with Connor Fletcher, in only his 2nd FGA meeting, providing his nearest challenge. Rocco Casale the FGA’s long-distance traveller showed a strong performance in finishing third. Spare a thought for the lads in 4th and 5th Ryan Ashcroft dropped a valve after his 2nd race ending his day and newcomer Louis Skelding who rode well in 3 races before taking a heavy tumble after the interval and taking no further part in the meeting although he assures us he will be back for more FGA fun!

Back into the FGA calendar after a 15-year absence was a 5 Team Tournament run over a 30-race format, teams being made up of both Seniors and Juniors and all points counting to the overall team scoring. Stars of the show on 151 points were Elvis Jones, Mark Evans, Andy Yates, Marcus Crutchington, Amanda Keeling and Jack Walton. With Evans returning to FGA action after a 6 year absence, he was the top scorer for his team on the day. However, Marcus Crutchington was the star for the team “Olympic”, with a healthy 25 point score. Runners up, on 143 points, were Richard Guest, Charlie Morgan, Mick Keeling, Mick Hartley and Ryan Ashcroft – who, after dad Phil burning the midnight oil, re-built his engine overnight so he could take part on day 2, had the best races of his fledgling career. Last podium spot went to pre-meeting favourites Chris Moseley, Sam Flowers, Bobby Morgan, Zoe Keeling, Gaz Dixon and Connor Fletcher, a total of 135 points securing this position. Top end fire-power was enhanced with a stunning performance by Bobby Morgan who top-scored for the team on the day only dropping 1 point to Richard Guest.

Rider of the day                      Tom Crewe

Whitchurch MCC would like to thank all those who made the weekend possible and such a success, with special thanks to Brian and Joan Crump for the BBQ and Bowling, Knutsford Scouts for the use of the marquee and Team Keeling for the Disco equipment.

Round three of the FGA 2012 Championship finally beat the weather on the North Wales track at Gresford Nr Wrexham.

A smaller than normal entry still produced some quality racing especially from the youth classes. Youngster Thierry Atkinson in his first FGA event was the lone cub (8-12 yrs) which saw him riding with the more experienced Juniors. His maiden performance was exceptional, fast starts often getting him to turn one in first position. He managed to complete his races to take all the points on offer.

“Seeing Thierry going round was a dream come true, i don’t know who was more nervous me or the lad.” 
                                                       — Terry Atkinson, commenting on son Thierry’s first meeting

Great stuff, all on a bike that cost about £200 to put together – What the Formula Grasstrack is all about! 

Normal front runner Jack Walton had a day to forget, probably having his worst meeting to date. He did not have his usual race pace and after his 2nd race all was revealed – two seized motors with blown cranks was the result. Ryan Ashcroft was the one to step up to the plate having his best performance to date. Dad Phil’s experience is really paying dividends here with this young man’s career, He only dropped a single point in his 5th race, his first of many victories i am sure. Long distance traveller Rocco Casale made his journey very worthwhile with what was also his best performance in FGA racing. Absent for a few seasons, many thought he was lost to the sport but he has come back to really start challenging for the honours. Scoring 31 pts guaranteed him the runner up spot and a chance in the sudden death trophy final. Carmarthenshire’s Lee Griffiths had a steady day by his own high standards scoring in every race he took the last podium place.Conner Fletcher continues to impress starting to look more comfortable each time out he was 4th. 

2010 champ Richard Guest certainly is a man on a mission and is really up for his 2nd title but here he was really pushed hard to win this event. A third place in his last race kept the outcome unknown right down to the last heat. Current champion Elvis Jones was only a single point behind at the final reckoning with Shrewsbury’s Ross Wharton putting in a strong run in with his last two rides, giving him third.

So to the sudden death finals, winner takes all trophy races. How the youth result was nearly oh so different. Rocco Casale was all set for a quick getaway back to Buckinghamshire, quickly changing after his last race and loading the bike into the van. After a persuasive word from one of the marshals he was tempted to get back onto his gear and made it to the start with seconds to spare. He raced from tape to flag to win the Shield Services Trophy. 

Ross Wharton got it right just when it mattered capitalising on Richie Guest’s misfortune as his no1 bike failed to start, who then had to ride an unfamiliar bike.

Pushed right till the checkered flag by last years champ he took the prestigeous Jonathon Rodgers memorial trophy by a single bike length in what must be his best performance so far. Credit to the lad who has taken the FGA to a different level in machine and rider preparation. Well done!


Practice – Rain Showers

Racing – Light showers to start, cloudless sunshine to finish 


Practice – Damp and Slippery

Racing – Slippery to start, firm to finish 

Finally the weather relented and the Wrekin club staged their first meeting of the season and what a scorcher it turned out to be!

At the start of the day the clouds were dark and there were showers which threatned to spoil another days racing.
Undaunted the riders preparred themselves and their machinery and practised in the rain.

The day was rewarded when at the first short interval the Sun came out and both the weather and the racing from then on was nothing short of glorious with everyone riding hard and challenging for every point.

The track had wide bends with plenty of room for all to make the most of.

Thierry Atkinson continues to make progress in the Cub class and there are a lot of riders who could learn from Thierry’s gating.

In the Junior class, Jack Walton, complete with rebuilt engines, was back on form with Rocco Casale chasing hard. Rocco was the only one to spoil Jack’s day with a superb ride in heat 24 to take the honours. Connor Fletcher made the most of Ryan Ashcroft’s bike problems with a well earned 3rd overall in the junior class.

The Senior class saw Richard Guest back to his best with a maximum but he did not have it all his own way. There are a number of riders now chasing Guest and pushing him hard all the way to the flag. John Jones showing some of the younger riders how to do it with an overall 2nd and Ross Wharton riding with skill and determination came a close 3rd and but for a mechanical gremlin in his second ride could have changed the course of the day.

In the final prize races of the day, donated by the sponsors.
The Junior race Saw Rocco Casale submit Jack Walton to his second defeat of the day by beating him by the width of a tyre on the finish line to take the honours
The Senior race, following a restart due to Robert Morgan going a for a gap that disappeared in front of him ending with Robert parting company with his machine, saw Ross Wharton give a master class in how to win from Tapes to Flag. This is the second trophy race win in as many weeks for Ross re-enforcing his position as the one to watch!

Rider of the Day                     Marcus Crutchington


Crash of the Day                     Bobby Morgan


Race of the day                        Tom Crewe

                                                  Robert Morgan

                                                  John Jones

                                                  Elvis Jones

                                                  Ross Wharton

                                                  Adrian Guest


Hard luck story of the day         Ryan Ashcroft

Wrekin GTC would like to thank everyone who attended and made the meeting a success. Special thanks go to Mick, Donna, Annette and long time FGA rider and supporter Len Sanders for helping out with official duties.


Uninterupted sunshine


Patches of grip, dry underneath, quickened as the day went on. 

The FGA championship is well under way following a slow start to the season with Round 5 being run by the Wrekin club.

The sun shone bright and the racing was a joy to watch with all riders from all age groups relishing the good weather and fast track laid out this time with slightly tighter bends particularly on the exit to challenge the riders .

In the Cub class Thierry Atkinson was joined by newcomer Brandon Gutteridge who improved steadily throughout the day and will soon be challenging Thierry.

The Junior class is now fiercely competitive with Jack Walton taking the win on the day having been chased hard all day by both Ryan Ashcroft and Rocco Casale with all taking points off each other. Connor Fletcher riding better with every outing took 4th overall and earned the “Rider of the Day” award. On only his second outing in the championship in the Junior class Louis Skelding made steady improvement throughput the day.

The Senior class saw Richard Guest win with another maximum but again he did not have it all his own way with Elvis Jones a strong second dropping his only point of the day to Guesty, with Ross Wharton and Lee Bird in joint 3rd on the day. The top of the championship is getting closer with every meeting and Guest is having to produce some of his best to keep ahead.

There are a number of the younger riders in the championship starting to get in amongst the more experienced heads making the championship both exciting and extremely competitive from top to bottom.

Rider of the Day                  Connor Fletcher 


Race of the Day                    Ryan Ashcroft

                                               Jack Walton

                                               Rocco Casale

                                               Louis Skelding