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Race Calendar and Entry Forms

This is the Race Calendar for the 2017 Meetings

When the Regs are available, we will add a notification on the Latest News when the Regs are ready for you to download.

Click on the Race Meeting number where you can get the Motorcycle Entry Regs and the Information Sheet, as well as the list of Race Marshalls and the Location Map.

Once you have clicked on the Round number, In the Race Documents section, Click on the Individual entry to download it for printing.


Team Pairs

Race Meeting

Team Pairs
Sun, 2. July 2017, 13:00 h - 18:00 h
Gresford - Gresford, Wrexham
Team Event


Here are the list of Marshalls that are required for the Race Meeting to go ahead. To volunteer to be a Marshall, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact a Club Official directly.

     Required Position
     Clerk of the Course  
     Pit Box Marshall #1
     Pit Box Marshall #2
     Starting Marshall  
     Finish Flag Marshall  
     Lap Scorer #1
     Lap Scorer #2
     Race Corner Marshall #1  
     Race Corner Marshall #2  
     Race Corner Marshall #3  
     Race Corner Marshall #4  


 Below is the Track Layout and locations of the Race OfficialsTrack Layout

Race Documents (To print, click printer icon)

Print or Download Print PDF Rnd 5 FGA Championship and Team Pairs 01-020717 Entry Form.pdf
Print or Download Rnd 5 FGA Championship and Team Pairs 01-020717 Entry Form.doc
Print or Download Print PDF Team Pairs FGA Championship 020717 Regs.pdf
Print or Download Team Pairs FGA Championship 020717 Regs.doc
Print or Download Gresford Weekend Information Sheet.doc
Print or Download Print PDF Gresford Weekend Information Sheet.pdf


Station Road
LL12 8TG
Gresford, Wrexham
Whitchurch MCC
United Kingdom
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