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Latest News

Round 8 Race Meeting on the 9th September 2017 Called off!

Unfortunately, due to an issue confirming the venue, we have had to cancel the Race Meeting on the 9th September. Round 9 on the 30th September will continue as planned.

Malpas (Round 1) - 8th April 2017 Racing Confirmed!

Well folks it's here at last. ... Whitchurch MCC are pleased to CONFIRM that the meeting at Malpas on the 8th April will GO AHEAD! A field inspection yesterday was carried out and given the thumbs up. We waited for the updated weather forecast this morning before making the announcement and it's improving all the time. Saturday's looking like the perfect day!

**Whitchurch members please note... This is our club meeting and we need all the help possible setting the track up, we have plenty to do in the morning and as soon as it's all done we can enjoy the rest of the day. We will be meeting at the field at 9.30/ 9.45am - I know it's early but as we know time goes very quickly on the day.. See you all on Saturday happy days. John 

2017 Race Calendar now available

The FGA 2017 Race Calendar is now available to view on this website.

Formula Grasstrack Association AGM Update

The FGA AGM took place on Sunday 4th December 2016 at Prees Cricket Club in Shropshire with a healthy turnout of 35 members.

The 2017 season will see a new look Committee. Andy Walton, has stepped up fromvice chairman to chairman. Nick Budd is Vice Chairman. Karen Budd is Treasurer & Ross Wharton is Secretary.

Andy Walton began the meeting with his report of the 2016 season. He congratulated all the winners and volunteers on a successful year despite an unsteady start.

2017 will see some changes after being discussed and voted on

  • Voting at future FGA AGM’s will be open to members of FGA affiliated clubs as opposed to Formula 50 members. This now entitles club members who aren’t formula 50 members the chance to vote as some volunteers/ organisers don’t necessarily have a formula 50 number, but may want to vote. Club memberships must be paid up by 31st October to qualify for voting at that years AGM. It is reminded that riders must be members of either Wrekin, Whitchurch or Minsterley. Joining more than one club is permitted & Formula 50 fees are still to be paid before taking to the track!
  • All FGA meetings will have finals for everyone throughout the classes. Any ties for positions will be decided by the result of the finals giving a clear first to last for championship points. Countback shall be used to establish which finals riders go in if tied. It is the decision of the Clerk of the Course if the finals take place (due to weather conditions, unforeseen delays, etc). All riders will have 6 championship point scoring races & a final at each meeting (7 rides each in total)
  • Once again riders are reminded that their numbers MUST be clearly defined and visible to the LAPSCORERS. If numbers are obscured from view and the lapscorers cannot see them, your points may not be added to your total. This is an ACU requirement.
  • It was confirmed by the committee that the use of “Laydown” Honda engines is permitted in youth & adult classes providing they meet the specification in the ACU handbook (for example C90, wave, MSX). Copy engines like pitbike type engines, are prohibited.

Provisional dates for the 2017 season are to be confirmed at the Awards Night Out in January.

Information on the Awards Evening, which is being held on 28th January 2017, at Prees Sports Club will be published in the coming weeks so watch this space!

The Futures Bright…....

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