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Archived News

This page shows News Articles which have been published on our site but are no longer current. The Current  Articles are shown with the Latest News tab.

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Mark and Sally

To all FGA and Whitchurch MCC members

It is will much regret that I have been asked by Mark and Sally to publish the following statement :

Statement to the Membership of the Formula Grasstrack Association

"Mark and Sally Evans are standing down as Chair and Secretary/Treasurer of both Whitchurch MCC and the Formula Grasstrack Association.

Our decision takes immediate effect.

Following recent incidents we both feel that we can no longer serve the Association or the Club in the way that we would both wish.

There will be club and Association meetings to handover relevant papers and details. These will be confirmed in due course to the relevant people."

While this action has undoubtedly come as a shock in content and timing, all can rest assured that the FGA will continue as the overseeing organisation and that Whitchurch MCC will have support from both Wrekin and Minsterley Grasstrack clubs to fulfill the 2016 fixtures and beyond.

We should all recognize and be thankful for the massive effort both Mark and Sally have put into our Grasstrack racing over numerous years to make the FGA what it is today, a growing, safe and fun place to race our bikes, so that for 10+ meetings a year, we can all pretend that we are Tai Woffinden or Simon Wigg.

In the immediate future, the committee will meet next week to handover the banking and organizational paperwork in order to maintain the 2016 racing calendar. Additionally Mark has kindly offered to produce the definitive rules for racing at FGA meetings in order to clarify or fill in any gaps in the ACU handbook and our AGM agreements. These will be published on the websites and handed out at meetings asap. Each rider will sign them as a record of understanding.

Now is the time for everyone to "step up" and help to fill the obvious gaps that have now appeared, so please, every little helps.

We are as strong as the effort we put in.

The future is still bright.................


Andy Walton

FGA Vice Chairman

Important Message from the FGA AGM

Important Message from the FGA AGM

The AGM was an interesting and informative meeting.  To summarise key points these are shown below and WILL APPLY for this season.

That the use of all pattern parts i.e. non-genuine Honda is permitted: All parts must be to OEM specification.  This to allow the current FGA formula to continue in the ethos of the sport and remaining affordable to all.  Parts to include Full cylinder head and barrel assemblies; pistons; con rods; clutch assemblies; oil pump assemblies; centrifugal oil filter assemblies; cam chains; bearings and seals.

The following amendment is made to the meeting format in terms of finals;

For non-Trophy meetings: only a Senior A final is run.

For Trophy meetings: Finals are held for all classes and that for the Senior Class, finals will be run for all riders with the participation being determined after 6 point scoring rides.  This means that all Seniors will participate in a Final and the number of riders in each final will be determined by the overall entry.
Race Numbers:  There is a need to comply with the ACU requirements. This year this will be enforced: correct colours and numbers, legible and visible to lap-scorers.  We are not changing the rules but ensuring that everyone complies. Numbers must be clearly visible i.e. not on carb-covers where a riders leg obscures the number for the lap-scorer.  If your number is not clear to the lap-scorers you cannot get the points you have ridden for.

Cut out checks: Cut outs will be checked before official practice. Riders will need to go through the technical inspection - this will take place in the paddock boxes after the initial inspection, and you will need to start your bike on track and then bring your bike back for the cut out to be checked.  


Helmets : More stringent on helmets safety this year.  They must have the ACU badge but also quality of helmet – ie chips, scuffs.

Social Media: We would like to make sure FGA is presented in the public domain in the best light.  With this in mind, all queries should come in the first instance via phone or email (website contact us page).  This will let the best person for the query pick this up and respond.  Please be aware that responses may not be instantaneous, so please allow us time to come back to you.

All members need to be aware that built into the constitution for the Association, there is the option to decline membership to an individual or to terminate an existing membership.   We hope not to have to enforce this facility as we are believers in free speech but simply this allows the Association to manage a situation if someone makes public comment that goes too far out of the ethos of the FGA and is detrimental to the sport and our members.

he Race meeting scheduled for the 3rd September at Rally Site, Malpas has had to be POSTPONED due to a flash storm. Full details of the reschedule will be posted on this website and facebook over the weekend.

Previous Formula 50 Winners

Formula 50 Winners

1st - £25, 2nd - £20, 3rd - £15

May 2015 Winners
1st Katie Gordon
2nd Mick Hartley
3rd Mike Flynn

April 2015 Winners
1st Sam Hall
2nd Liam Ashcroft
3rd Kieran Swindells

March 2015 Winners

1st Ron & Denise Hinsley
2nd Andy Binns
3rd Brian Crump

February 2015 Winners

1st Simon Jones
2nd Marcus Crutchington
3rd Ryan Ashcroft

January 2015 Winners

1st Luke Postlethwaite
2nd Stan Evans
3rd Mike Flynn

December 2014 Winners

1st Andy Smith

2nd Luke Keeling
3rd Katie Astbury

November 2014 Winners

1st Amanda Keeling
2nd Zoe Keeling
3rd Jack Walton

October 2014 Winners

1st Adrian Guest
2nd Sam Flowers
3rd Stan Evans

September 2014 Winners

1st Rob Rodgers
2nd Dave Meredith
3rd Gary Watson

August 2014 Winners

1st Steve Mace
2nd Jack Budd
3rd Russell Hall

FGA 2014 Championship Winners

Meet the winners of the FGA Championship for 2014.

Liam Ashcroft (Junior), Phil Thomas (Senior) and Thierry Atkinson (Cub) have ridden consistently all season and are deserved winners.

Thierry Atkinson, Liam Ashcroft and Phil Thomas - Champions 2014

40th Anniversary Meeting

FGA Members present Carl Stanton with a commemorative T-Shirt at the 40th Anniversary Meeting - 16th June 2013.jpg

Our chairman Mark Evans presents FGA founder and supporter Carl Stanton with a commemorative 40th Anniversary T-shirt and mug infront of the current FGA riders and officials.

Andrew Appleton

Andrew Appleton - FGA 40th Anniversary Meeting - Gresford - 16th June 2013

Andrew Appletons view

"After experiencing for the very first time Formula Grasstrack Racing, I must say that it was an absolutely fabulous weekend! I was completely blown away by the friendly atmosphere that surrounded the pits and to be there for the 40th anniversary was a brilliant experience!

Watching the championship meeting on the Saturday, I was slightly nervous about how I would fair up racing in the team event the next day. The racing was so close and technical and it was very exciting! It was good to get on Ross Wharton's spare bike the next day and have a blast in practice and I soon felt first hand that it was going to be more difficult than it looked. It is very technical to ride making sure that the rear wheel doesn't spin too much and you have to keep the bike flowing.

In my opinion FGA is a fantastic starting point for any new comer that wants to get in to grasstrack racing, It teaches you the technical side to riding a bike, Its a cheap, good fun and most of all has a friendly sociable atmosphere with everyone willing to help out what ever the circumstance!

Great weekend and thank you to everyone for making me welcome."

Andrew Appleton
British & European Grasstrack Champion

Awards Night 2012

2012 Award Winners with Andrew AppletonAndrew Appleton was the guest of honour at the Formula Grasstrack Association's annual presentation evening on Saturday.

The multi Masters Champion and regular International track racer kept approximately 100 guests entertained with an interesting and informative account of life as a professional rider before going on to present the awards to those on the Association's 2012 roll of honour.  

As for the awards themselves, Thierry Atkinson took the Cub class (aged 8-12 years) with Jack Walton claiming the Junior title (aged 12-16 years) and Richard Guest taking his 2nd Senior championship in 3 years.

A special award was given to "Wonder Woman" 78 years young, Wendy Walton who stepped into the breach to marshal and allow a Championship meeting to go ahead.  Amongst the other awards, former TT rider Charlie Morgan received the Veteran's Shield with Marcus Crutchington claiming the most improved rider.  

No FGA "Nite Out" can be complete without the fun and games and in keeping with the spirit of London 2012, the Boat Race was staged.  Two teams of 5 "rowers" including the guest of honour and former FGA'er and now 500cc regular Charlie Saunders took part with "Team Viking" lifting the desirable FGA Challenge trophy!

The evening was rounded off with the launch and going live of the new official association website, www.formulagrasstrack.com and dancing to the sounds of Double 2 disco with DJ's Ian and Nick Francis.

FGA Chairman and MC for the evening, Mark Evans saids that after such a wet season, it has been great to end the year on a high and set everyone up for the full calendar we have planned to celebrate our 40th season in 2013.

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